Globalny Język Biznesu

Globalny Język Biznesu

GS1 in Europe Data Excellence Webinar (DIY, Garden & Pet)

9:00 - 10:15

Webinaria zakończone

About webinar

Since February 2020 the Global Data Model is now a GS1 standard for the main FMCG product categories in food and near-food. Now GS1 in Europe is preparing to add DIY, Garden & Pet as a regional layer to this standard.

You are invited to join the launch of these activities.

The agenda and speakers for the kick-off meeting are:
Why an EU data model for DIY, Garden & pet: introduction on needs & ambition
- Jan Somers (CEO, GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg)
- Henk-Jan Timmerman (Programme and Operations Director GS1 in Europe)
What’s in it for the industry – a supplier and retailer perspective. Why cooperate? Why GS1? What is the ROI?
- Tobias M. Koerner (Senior Vice President Global Sales, GARDENA Division)
- Marc Henkens (E-commerce Manager, HUBO)
- Torsten Kreft (Operational Lead Austria, hagebau)
The Benelux data model explained in a nutshell
- Marco van der Lee (Sector Manager DIY, Garden & Pet, GS1 Netherlands)
What is the Global Data Model? How, when, what & who?
- Markus Mueller (Global Data Model Director, GS1 Global Office)
Wrap-up, common ambition and why we need it?
- Thomas Fell (CEO, GS1 Germany)
- Mirjam Karmiggelt (CEO, GS1 Netherlands)
- Jonatan Tullberg (CEO, GS1 Sweden)
- Didier Veloso (CEO, GS1 France)
Closing & roadmap

Bądź na bieżąco z informacjami o standardach GS1 np. kodami kreskowymi. Otrzymuj informacje o najnowszych wdrożeniach w branżach retail, e-commerce, ochrona zdrowia, przemysł, TSL, o webinariach, szkoleniach i konferencjach.

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